To get started:

e-mail or call us at 954-0108 to schedule an Initial Consultation.

We cannot provide service until we have met with you and your pet. During our visit we will record various types of information that will help us care for your pets just as you do.



You will need:

  • A house key for me to use. Please test all keys. To avoid a $5 fee to pick up your keys please have them available at your consultation.

  • Ample supplies for you pet. Please check that you have adequate supplies (food, litter, etc.) You will be charged $10 if a shopping trip is required, in which case I cannot guarantee that your pet will receive his normal brand of supplies.

If you are traveling:

We need to know at least one week in advance:

  • when you will be leaving,
  • a destination phone number and when you will return. This information should be left in your home as well as supplied to me in advance. We do not charge extra for last minute requests for service but also cannot guarantee availability.
  • If your pet requires medication, please leave clear written instructions about the medication including dates and amounts. In case we cannot administer medication (if your pet resists) please leave alternative instructions, your vet’s number and your destination number.

Upon your return please call 954-0108 to let us know that you have arrived back on schedule and that your pet is safe in your care. We also would appreciate feedback on the care your pet and home received while you were gone.

Early arrivals
Clients returning home early will be required to pay for the reserved amount of visits.